Editorial Team

Dr Bernadette Cunningham, Royal Irish Academy Library, managing editor
Ms Máirín Cassidy, University College Dublin, compiler
Dr Ciarán McCabe, NUI Galway, compiler
Ms Pádraicín Ní Mhurchú, assistant editor
Mr Éoin Bairéad, assistant editor
Ms Sinéad Noonan, assistant editor

IHO Management Committee
Professor Jacqueline Hill, MRIA, Maynooth University, convenor
Dr Bernadette Cunningham, Royal Irish Academy Library, managing editor
Mr Wayne Aherne, head of  IT, Royal Irish Academy
Ms Máirín Cassidy, University College Dublin, compiler
Dr Ciarán McCabe, Maynooth University, compiler
Professor Emeritus R.V. Comerford, Maynooth University
Professor Mary O'Dowd, MRIA, Queen's University, Belfast
Ms Siobhán Fitzpatrick, Librarian, Royal Irish Academy

Former compilers of bibliographic data now incorporated into Irish History Online
Ciaran Nicholson, Trinity College Dublin, compiler, 1989-2013.

Sophie Evans (RIA), assistant editor
Conor Heffernan, student assistant (June-July 2013)
Brendan Hannon, student assistant (August 2016)
Seán Kennedy, student assistant (June-August 2015)
Dr Nessa Malone, assistant editor (2012-13)
Rose O'Connor, student assistant (June-August 2014)
Zoe Rogers, student assistant (June-August 2014)
Maria Shanahan (RIA), assistant editor (2012-13)
Karl Vogelsang (RIA), assistant editor (to 2012)

Anthony McCormack (Editor, 2003-5); Mary Murray (Data entry, 2003-5; Editor, 2005-6); Frank Cullen (Editor, 2006-9). Funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2003-6 and 2006-9.

Compilers, contributors, editors and convenors of 'Writings on Irish History' between 1936 and 2002, published by or under the auspices of Irish Historical Studies, include James Carty, R. Dudley Edwards, T. W. Moody, K. Povey, R. B. McDowell, Patrick Henchy, Thomas P. O'Neill, F. X. Martin, Ludwig Bieler, Ann McCabe, John Barry, P. Grosjean, F. Masai, Kurt Reindel, Maurice Twomey, Esther Semple, Desmond Kennedy, James Lydon, Gerard Lyne, Laurence McCaffrey, Clara Cullen, Monica Henchy, R. V. Comerford, Sarah Ward Perkins, Máirín Cassidy, Ciaran Nicholson, Jacqueline Hill and Bernadette Cunningham.

Compilers who contributed data relating to Ireland to the Royal Historical Society's Bibliography of British and Irish History between 1975 and 2002 were: Medieval period (to 1641): Gearóid Mac Niocaill (1975-1988), Virginia Davis (1989-2001); Bernadette Cunningham (2001-02);
Modern period (since 1641): A. T. Q. Stewart (1975-1988), Mary O'Dowd (1988-1994), Sarah Ward Perkins (1995-1998) and Bernadette Cunningham (1999-2002).
Prior to 1975, Writings on British History (1901-1974 in 20 volumes) listed few Irish interest items, applying the rule that 'Writings on Irish domestic or local history are not included unless they have a direct bearing on English [sic] history'.

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